Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What A Difference!

Just two weeks ago I was in Lincoln City on the Oregon coast visiting my daughter and three grandsons.
Unexpectedly the weather was beautiful!  Where I expected rain, wind and cold, I found sunshine, no wind and something close to warmth!
I caught some pics of the waves rolling in at Boiler Bay.
It was warm enough that the boys went in the water.  They had a blast!
And here's a shot of Jenn and the boys (from left) Casey, Taron and Andrew.  Their dad, Andy had to work or he would have been with us.
I say what a difference because I am now home in eastern Washington with wind, hail and snow.  And we are supposed to have a low of 13 this week!
I think I'm ready for another beach trip!


Barbara Jean said...

Glad the weather was so good when you were there.

We are supposed to get some snow in a couple of days, and it is getting cold at night.

I've been busy cleaning the shop, moving furniture, pricing goods I have purchased. (have been finding lots of loot!!).

all hard work, but fun! Now, to do some creating!

blessings and hugs


Dorthe said...

Oh it looks wonderfull- can`believe the big differens for you -here sun- home cold winter..
Here is also winter again- one week ago, green grass- now all white....

Cindy Adkins said...

Oh what great pics!!! And I hope you had so much fun, Karen!!!