Saturday, April 16, 2011

Winds of Change?

Yes, they are blowing.  But they aren't the only thing.  I live in Southeastern Washington and my goodness, the wind has been blowing for over 3 weeks.  Every single day!  I am ready for a change!  Some sunny weather, nice white puffy clouds instead of gray rain clouds...anything along that line would be wonderful!

But enough griping.  The good thing about this wind is that its kept me inside and I have been cleaning the Goddess room, as my Hub calls my sewing room. It is now neat, fairly orderly and ready for me to mess up again.  :)  
I love it!

Not much else to share today except for this nice vintage baby cap I came across at a thrift store.
 I don't have a doll the right size to model it so I had to make do with a jar of goodies.
 I just know it would look cuter on a baby's head but you get the idea!
Whoever did this did lovely work and it is so soft.
I hope you are having better weather than we are!  Have a lovely weekend!


Barbara Jean said...

cute post girl!!
Glad you got your sewing room cleaned up. I cannot even find my art table right now. =)

hugs and blessings dear friend.

barb =)

Dorthe said...

Hello Karen-
What a lovely find- it is so special-and sweet.
Here my studio could use a helping hand,too- yesterday the shop, was cleaned- and new goods, added :)
Have a great sunday.

Lovey said...

Awesome find...and yes our weather is pretty decent after the rain has stopped! Have a blessed week!

vicki said...

I am in love with this jar full of beautiful vintage jewelry!