Monday, October 22, 2012

Never Say Never

I have a thing for chairs and when I saw this old girl at a local rummage sale
well, I just had to have her.

She's strong, she's sturdy, 

 she's beautiful, and now she's mine!

No, her color isn't right for my home and she has brown spots on her fabric.  Sooo, I'm going to do something I always said I would never do.  
I'm going to reupholster her.
Do I have any experience?  Of course not!
But I do have some gorgeous upholstery fabric and a drive to get it done.  I will probably own a copy of Upholstery for Dummies before I'm finished.

We'll see how she turns out.  Wish me luck!
Have a good week!


Della said...

Her color is perfect for my home! I wish I would happen across something like this as a yard sale, not that I have the room for it lol. Have fun, and I'm sure you can do this!

Barbara Jean said...

swonderful chair girl!!

beautiful color, but would not fit in my house either.
That is an easy chair to recover....and even if it were hard, I know you can do it!!

Cannot wit to see it..
Now, get started, before the excitement and drive wear off. =)

hugs and blessings