Thursday, October 21, 2010

Home of A Needleworker

Last year I had same day surgery with instructions to mostly stay down the first week.  The second week was to gradually be up more every day.  What on earth had I gotten myself into?  I'm not one to be still for every long and always have a project to do when I'm sitting.  But this happened suddenly and I had nothing prepared.
Of course, my ever helpful Miss Drama Queen kicked in assuring me I would perish from boredom.
I can always count on her to provide the correct response for any particular situation!  Not!  Where does that fear of 'the dreaded boredom' come from anyway?
My son Ben has it too.

My dear Hub was taking very good care of me but I'm sure getting weary.  Then the mail person delivered a cross-stitch kit I had ordered.  Hub couldn't bring me my sewing basket fast enough!  Bless his heart, he was so relieved I had something to do.  I'm sure I heard him utter a prayer of thanksgiving as he left me with my project.
The good news is I healed speedily and finished my cross-stitch in record time!  I just love it and it is now hanging in the family room.
Miss Drama Queen will have to be silent for another day!


Barbara Jean said...

Glad you are mending quickly. I must have missed something as I did not know you'd had surgery.

Being still is very difficult for me too. And yet the word says "Be still and know that I am God".
Ouch! cause that is soooo hard for me!!

Glad a project came for you. It turned out great!

Now, do not do too mach too fast. (advice I got from a friend in Washington about my hurt back) =)



She Uses Her Words said...

Ouch! I think that friend from Washington was me. Point taken. Love ya Barb!

Michelle said...

Just adorable!