Monday, October 11, 2010

ROOFus & Whiney Monday

This is ROOFus.  ROOFus sees we are going to town and is sure he'll get to go.

This is ROOFus after being told he can't go. 
He's as big as a sofa and there isn't room for him and the water heater we have to buy.

ROOFus is sad.  He looks exactly how I felt.

I had worked all week getting everything organized so I could have a crafting weekend, but Saturday morning we woke up to a flooded kitchen floor.  The water heater was leaking and had to be replaced.  Thus, the weekend was spend dealing with sogginess.  Grrr!

I do however, realize that this is the minorest of blips in the scheme of things and am getting over myself.  Not sure I can say the same for ROOFus.


Michelle said...

Sorry about the leaky water heater. Very inconvenient. Poor Roofus. :( He's a beautiful dog!

Barbara Jean said...

Such a cute post sweetie!

So sorry for the leaking problem, but good you are bouncing back from craft weekend loss so fast.
blessings and hugs


Cindy Adkins said...

Oh, poor Roofus...and he's so adorable!!! I have a maltese and he hates to be left behind--it breaks my heart if we have to be gone...

And oh my gosh, what an awful thing to have happen with the water heater...But, I guess better to happen on a weekend so your husband could fix it...that's a blessing in itself!

DogsMom said...

Poor Roofus. I am sure he was very happy to see you return.

Rather water heater leakage than sewage back up, well, except for the cost.