Monday, September 20, 2010

From Donovan Part II

I've had so many wonderful comments and emails about my quilt from Donovan that I feel I need to add a little history as a follow-up to my last post.  Donovan took a beginning quilt class and decided to machine applique a quilt for my Christmas gift.
This is the one he chose.

Its called 'Winter Dance' from "Once Upon a Season" by Becky Goldsmith & Linda Jenkins
Piece O'Cake Designs (great book)
These are the colors as shown in the book.

An ambitious quilt for a beginner!  He changed the color scheme to green, navy & cream. I love it!  Please see previous post for more pics.


He switched to hand applique because he liked the look better.  He soon realized he wouldn't have time to get the quilt done by Christmas so took 3 weeks of vacation from his job to finish it!  Then he machine quilted it on my grandmother's old sewing machine which is a bit of a beast.
He finished quilting it on Christmas Eve then threw it in the washer and dryer to give it that old look.  He then hopped in the car and drove 4 hours to be home for Christmas!

What a guy!  Truly...what an amazing guy!


Donna at The Scarlet Petticoat said...

dear karen,
i clicked over from barbara jean's blog. i am one of her followers. i am so glad i read the touching story of your son and the quilt. not only is he amazingly talented, he is also a devoted son. you must be a great mom. anyway, thought i would say hi and welcome to blogland. i am loving it and getting to see lots of neat stuff and peek into peoples lives!
all the best,

Anonymous said...

Hello Karen,
Loved seeing the quilt and reading the story behind it! I too love anything vintage!
You can check out my blog at.
or my other blog about our restaurant at
I'm coming over from Barbara Jean's blog but I see we follow the same people.

Barbara Jean said...

WOW! That makes it all even more special!!
Love the colors he chose, and even that he threw it in the wash for that look he knew you would love. (and I love too) =)

I am getting so far behind on things, orders etc. have a ton of things I want to show on my blog, but just cannot sit here long yet. getting better but sitting just kills it.

Have a little bird nest done for you. now getting it on Tablespoon easel and will weigh it and all that. It is a bit different than the one you saw, so will show it on my blog first so i make sure you like it.
well, this is long winded for a comment. sorry.

Glad to see you have new followers, and commentors. You will keep steadily growing because you have a sweet place here, and it is because it is who you are too.
hugs and blessings

barbara jean

Cindy Adkins said...

Hi Karen,
Can I adopt Donovan? lol He is beyond amazing!!!!
And I can't wait to send people over to your blog
this week...they will love this!!!

Mitzi said...

What a beautiful quilt. And what an amazing son you have.

glor said...

What a truly beautiful story, what devotion of a son to his mother. This story should be with the quilts, what an heirloom all this will be. Such treasures.

Cindy Adkins said...

Hi Karen,
Thanks so much for coming over to visit! I will post the quilt this week and ask people to come visit you to read the story...they will be astounded!!!

Julia *Astra-Scrap* said...

I can't belive it...Is he just perfect or what?? :-)